Simple questions, simple answers!

A friend of mine asked me this yesterday: “How am I supposed to keep working and growing in my career, impressing my boss, not overshadowing him and manage other aspects of my life like keeping in touch with friends beyond facebook, take time out for my family, be there for my fiancée, create  a secure future to pay my “EMI’s” and try to also add value as an individual  to society without getting stressed out?”

What I shared with him were not words of wisdom, mainly because, I am not a professional mentor.  I am just as human as he is. All I could do for the moment, was, just be an honest friend and shared with him simple, straightforward facts. He transformed, got energized and he loved it.  He then asked me to put it down on a note for him to share with his colleagues and peers. That’s how this blog post began.

 I told him, to begin with, you are already a step higher  as You have thought of ‘beyond your inner circle’, in the sense that, for adding value and reaching out to others too.

One needs to perceive ones own state of thoughts and say it out aloud. It helps in many ways. It also helps you define what you become, eventually. But most importantly, it helps you define the moment and why you are doing what you are doing and how you will transcend from it in life. It could be as an individual or as an organization or as a group.

 Simple things that have always worked for me is, I look out for this: “Whatever I do in terms of routine life or work, with the teams that I work with, with the people that I interact, I want a sense of ownership and freedom between each other with mutual respect.”


 Sense of ownership is very essential as it lets you be “you” with no false pretenses and lets you express to the other with all honesty and trust. This will ensure in building good communication and healthy relationships, personally and professionally. Most importantly, long lasting relationships.

 Freedom ensures the fact that we respect our goals, values as individuals and at the same time, share that power of freedom for others way of life too.

 Mutual respect is the most essential part of any relationship, especially when it comes to friendships, family and business.

  • In business, you don’t build “clients”, I strongly believe that. You build relationships and friends. If you can’t connect with the client and share with them the belief and trust that you can make it happen for their organization, they will not connect back with you. Reason being, at the end of the day, people buy from people.
  • Similarly as a friend, if you expect people to be there for you, ask yourself, whenever I have made a commitment to a friend to be there, call back, help out, have I done it myself or am I expecting a self biased one-sided support.
  • As a client or a customer, if you treat either in a distrustful way, how can you expect the other to connect with all honesty. There are still people in this world, who do business for more than just fame and money. There are higher gratifications at work. Make sure you connect with the right groups then.

 These aspects gives you the gift of priorities and lets you understand that the life support system  doesn’t function merely on ‘numbers and targets’. It goes well beyond. As the old quote goes, “happiness” is the key to all success!

 So three words: Ownership, Freedom and Mutual Respect. Make it happen. Once you find yourself balancing work, life and your EMI’s you will rise beyond and get innovative to add value to others lives too. More to follow soon.

When in doubt about SELF, ask yourself , “To be where I am today, all the sacrifices I have made,were they worth it & if I had to do it all over again,how differently would I do it?” The answer not only empowers you as an individual but also lets you realize your transition over the period of time.

Meanwhile, feel free to share your views, comments and perception on this with me here. Would love to hear from you.


Ananth V

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  1. Shalini
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 14:29:52

    Wonderful post as always Ananth.
    Shalini S


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