No more waiting for weekends

No more waiting for weekends

 I will not wait until another Sunday anymore.

 I hit the sack around 1:00 at night and start my day by around 5 – 6 am each day. I am like millions of us,  so caught up in the routine in the world, micro and macro-managing things around for a better tomorrow for myself and for all those around me.

 So I hardly used to manage my time to meet up with friends. But, recently after seeing a Facebook post from one of my best buddies from college, I had written a mail to him after ages. We used to hang out during our college days together for studies, catching up on sports, computers and technology and meet up at each others place for playing a massively competitive game of crazed cricket outdoors.

 After college, he had moved abroad and we had lost touch, but thanks to FB we re-connected. I saw a post of his that he was shifting to India and we exchanged mails to meet up as I was eagerly looking forward to meeting his little kid too. My buddy had become a dad and I couldn’t wait to see him and his family.

 He then came back and settled in India and we as always got caught up in the chaotic life of Mumbai and just were not able to meet-up thinking, we will do it the coming weekend.

 Today morning I got up to the news that he was no more. I felt my hands trembling as I could not gather courage to call up another friend of mine who had left me this message early morning. I eventually did and as we spoke, we both just could not ask each other anything. We were failing with words and we both just froze on the phone.

 After about an hour or two, I gathered some courage and called up his family. As shocking as the news was, I was further taken aback when I heard that my buddy had become a proud father again, this time to a baby girl, just about a week ago.

 He was a great guy, brilliant and filled with life, zest & blessed with a wonderful family. I can only pray that the almighty give his entire family and all of us enough courage and inner strength to sail through this shocking event. I miss my buddy very dearly today and my deepest sympathies and condolences to his entire family.

 I just wish, that neither of us would have waited for the “next weekend” and just met.

 May his soul be at peace and when he is looking down from the heaven at all of us, let him know that we all are there with his family at this moment and pray for a peaceful & great life ahead for his family and kids, a life, that he would have wanted them to have.

 Miss you dearly buddy.

 Ananth V


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