Happy New Year and Welcome 2012

Happy New Year and Welcome 2012

Happy New Year Welcome 2012

A Very HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and a warm welcome to 2012

We have just crossed 2011, that was packed with copious surprises, chaos, Inventions, distress, breakthroughs and life changing events and NEWS and entered into one of the most anticipated and awaited years so far in terms of lifestyle choices, economics and politics.

What can we hope for in 2012?

To begin with, optimistically a year filled with Peace and more humanity, globally. Second dream come true would be a world that would have resolved majority of the Hunger problems across and finally a simple hope for a truly HAPPY 2012.

In 2012: Most anticipated would most probably be:

In Medicine:

Hopefully, a major scientific breakthrough in medicine with the CURE for CANCER.

In Politics:

A global amend in terms of Presidential elections across: USA and INDIA at least. Will the “Yes We can” Man make it to another term and what’s going to happen with the political scene across India which off-late has been utterly chaotic?

In Sports:

  • FI Grand Prix: The larger than Life Grand Prix that happened in 2011 in India will be racing million more hearts in 2012. This is something certainly to watch out for.
  •  India – England Test series will be a no-brainer pulse racing Cricket match of the year. Will the wall be still on India’s team or will we have new faces batting & battling it away against the super pacers? We will have to wait and watch.  Will the WORLD Champions of ICC World Cup hold up against the pacers to add yet another cap to their amazing achievements? Who will stand tall and who will re-write their names with this massive sporting event?
  • And will everyone’s most awaited sporting moment happen in 2012: Will the master blaster TENDULKAR make history with his 100th Ton?
  • Football: Spain will be defending their victorious spots against the other Euro teams and the most watched sport in the world will be gleaming with more energy than ever this 2012 at the Euro 2012.


With Legends like NR Narayana Murthy and Ratan Tata stepping down and with the loss of the marketing mastermind of Steve Jobs, what will we be witnessing this year in the corporate world? With the stock markets being walked on a thin line in 2012, what the new Industry leaders offer the Corporate world will be a game to look out for and a lesson well learned for those watching and listening closely. A year of Leaders who will make it or break it.


  • Android will introduce its Android 5.0 (nicknamed Jellybean Android 5.0) which will probably dominate the smart-phone market and topple every other Mobile OS with its scores of additional applications and open source functionality.
  •  Will the E-Commerce survive with major retails and online shopping sites flourishing or will it be a flashback for all of us from the nineties?
  • Will Social Media Marketing continue booming and revolutionize the Industry with consumer’s voice becoming the official Choice to choose the most cherished & loved BRANDS across industries or will the constant pressure & demands alter newer privacy controls and pose more hurdles?

Big NEWS that can and will dominate moments in the year of 2012 for sure:

Few interesting sites to Read and get the best out of:

Have a happy, prosperous and safe 2012.


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