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My first cup of Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino in Mumbai

My first cup of Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino in Mumbai

As a Brand and coffee lover, I impatiently awaited the launch of Starbucks in Mumbai, India this week.

And to make sure I “experience” Starbucks within the first 48 hours of it’s launch here, few friends and myself headed to energize ourselves with the freshly brewed coffee & larger than life brand experience this Sunday morning.

Starbucks opened their very first outlet in India on October, 19th 2012, in Mumbai at the historic Elphinstone building located in South Mumbai.

The excitement across Mumbai for Starbucks was very vivid as we saw ourselves waiting in the line among the few hundreds under the SUPER BRAND Logo of STARBUCKS.

starbucks mumbai queue

The line moved quickly and as we entered, we saw this majestic larger than life upscale coffee bar with light wood, earthy interiors and a massive area for coffee lovers to hang out with their favorite drink coupled with the fresh aroma of coffee.

starbucks mumbai starbucks coffee

We had a wonderful and warm welcome from the Starbucks team members. There was another big queue inside, to place the order. As we stood there looking at the menus placed throughout the queue area, on what to order, we stirred up a conversation with a member of the Starbucks team. She had a lively smile and an amazing energy. She was from Starbucks UK, out here temporarily, helping the India team get accustomed to offer the real “Starbucks” experience to all of us. She shared her coffee passion and about the idea and story behind opening the first  Starbucks in Mumbai, India. With her interesting conversations, we hardly realized that we were in the queue inside to place the order for almost another 20 minutes. I had my Caramel Frap and it did not disappoint.

Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino

What makes them stand out as a Power BRAND:

Household name:

This ubiquitous coffee super brand ranks up alongside household names like Google, Facebook and Coca Cola today because of the way they have made sure that you leave Starbucks with more than just a cup of coffee.

The Décor & feel:

The décor is welcoming and earthy. The stylish, elegant and comfortable chairs, sofas, wooden tables, free Wi-fi offered via TATA Communications in Mumbai, India is definitely a great contributor.

starbucks mumbai coffee elphinstone road horniman circle

The BRAND Experience:

Once you place the order, you head towards the coffee bar counter where you see the team creating magic with their fast paced hands and churning out aromatic freshly brewed elegant coffee’s for you.

They write down your name on your Coffee cup and call each name personally for users to come and collect them. This is the first step towards knowing your customer.

starbucks mumbai starbucks coffee


There is always a big smile on every team members face as they greet you and welcome you to STARBUCKS. Their sincere approach to letting you know your order is on the way, their personal attention to each customer waiting for their coffee was simply amazing, especially since there were hundreds of us waiting for the order at the same time.

I loved the fact that, for the first time ever, STARBUCKS is getting it’s coffee from India itself.

Their amazing selection of Coffee menus, the way they make it in front of you, the speed, the passion and smile with which they personally connect with ease with you while doing so, makes you want to experience Starbucks again and again for sure.

starbucks caramel frap anv starbucks mumbai

It’s very generously priced compared to their competitors in India whose pricing is almost at the same level and the fact that STARBUCKS gives you a BRAND experience too with every sip of your coffee with a beautiful décor and a comfortable ad friendly connect, which is clearly missing across the other competitors brands.

I can’t wait to have my second cup of coffee at the comfortable and cozy coffee lounge soon. Who’s joining me at STARBUCKS?

Do share your coffee experience with me here. Would love to hear from you.


Ananth V

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