When nothing seems to work

When nothing seems to work

What to do when nothing seems to work for you……..

Ask yourself this question:

– Did you take a step forward to at least make an attempt to make it work when it was at it’s worse?

And never ask yourself: Whose mistake was it? Because, if you are going to choose sides before you try to make it work, you have already made a decision!

Yet, if nothing seems to work, take professional counseling, talk to your friends, family members, get engrossed in your routine, work, life, exercise, focus on your hobby…….

And if still……….nothing seems to work…………… Simply ENDURE!

Overcome – Overcoming Hardships / ENDURE

ENDURE Chinese Symbol

In Chinese, Japanese Kanji, and old Korean Hanja, this means “overcome” (as in overcome hardships, etc). It can also mean to conquer, to put up with, or to endure.

This can be a conquest over a problem, disease, handicap, poverty, or illness. Other definitions include overcoming, bringing under control, subjugation, or victory over something.

Img Src: orientaloutpost.com

God Bless & Be Well

Ananth V


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