Life is all about second chances

There are literally a million experiences that we can have everyday of our lives, I know I do. Some teach lessons, some remind you that deep down inside you are human and still just a man.


Many ideas, thoughts, innovative strategies, business decisions, emotional, social desires etc keep happening everyday and when all of them add up to your average everyday routine, there are only two ways of dealing with it. Either you keep fighting, enjoying the moments, trying to find solutions to concerns or you eventually crack down under pressure. It’s a human mind and there is only a certain level of pressure that it can take.

This again, differs from individual to individual. What one goes through on a daily basis and what he or she expects from life and all those around, is at times what tends to define how much they can take from those daily beatings that crop up midst the many smiles that one experiences too.

Some of the very important things that I have personally learned are that firstly, we cannot hold grudges about people and resentment about experiences. Simply because, the other person too has probably reacted a certain way because it was what they were going through at the moment, just like how we go through each emotion. Sometimes a small joyous decision or moment feels like a bliss of a lifetime and sometimes minor concerns and  issues that crop up in our lives tend to take their toll on our minds that breaks us down too.

Life is all about second chances, but chances, without the question of asking WHY it happened. Rather, go ahead with the belief that this experience too has taught us how to deal with a new kind of pressure. Thus building a stronger bond and relationship than ever before between the two.

Sometimes we do and say things that we don’t mean and most often than not, we sadly don’t say things we actually mean.

So lets start the morning today with an idea and a sincere attempt to give life a second chance. Most importantly, give ourselves a second chance. Not to question why, but rather welcome any decision or experience even if it was bitter, back from the past into our lives again with a mere smile and a fresh start. Like I said, no questions asked.

Just enjoy the moment!

Have a nice day.


Ananth V

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