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reading books

I love reading almost as much as I enjoy writing. It keeps me refreshed and sane, especially in the world consumed by numbers and targets.

The best part is, I have been among the few lucky ones who enjoy reading almost any genre of book. I feel, I have been at times, even unjustly accused of choosing to read a book on my kindle app or on my phone app even while at parties or get-together.

Well, unjustly would be a rather inappropriate term, alright, lets go with merely ‘accused of’ in this one.

It is true, I do read even at social gatherings, not conspicuously,  but only when I feel I have either nothing to offer that would lift up the already dazzling spirits enlightened by ‘spirit’ of some fluid sort that so carelessly seems to flow right through the social gatherings these days.

Being a complete teetotaler since forever, it rather gets dull and lonely, especially at such parties, to realize you are the only one who’s not part of the social emphatic flow of the crowd gathered all around you. Books let me into the minds and secrets of writers and storytellers and make me a part and privy to their secret grief’s and unbound joys, while at the same time, it takes us on a journey of their lifetime experiences all in a few hundred pages.

Reading has always helped me in-fact relate to crowds better and to understand circles, cultures and people in general more intimately. It’s an amazing way to be benefited from what others have learnt and have put those experiences into stories and words that engross you into intimate revelations about the characters in the book or their lives. Now these characters are either real experiences of writers from their own lives or for the truly blessed a figment of their imagination. In either case, it tells you, such people exist. It’s an amazing learning process that takes you through a genius’s imagination or blessed subconscious that has probably awakened these powerful characters from books that one can relate to at so many levels.

At the same time I have also known people who with utmost sincere and hostile levity, who refuse to read a book. I have never tried offering them a reason to read….because, let’s face it. You either read or you don’t live at all! Too harsh….hmmmm…. alright, ‘ll tone it down. You either read…..or you simply don’t. ……. sounds much more social and better now, doesn’t it?

Their reasons as much as vaguely explained, I believe hold true from their perspective on why they do not enjoy reading. I have also, at the same time heard book lovers talk about their favourite characters, books and themes with short winded elation’s coupled with sincere breathless intensity.

I enjoy reading books on theology, classic literature, fiction, business and management, suspense, thriller, biographies, autobiographies, case studies, humor, philosophy and self-help books too. Some of my most favourite authors include, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Charles Dickens, Bill Gates, Sudha Murthy, Robin Sharma, William Shakespeare, Sir Richard Branson, Dan Brown, Arthur Hailey, Anthony Robbins, Jules Verne, Enid Blyton, Leo Tolstoy, J. K. Rowling, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Paulo Coelho, Lewis Carroll, Ian Fleming, Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler, Lee Iacocca , etc

The best part is, when I am reading, it takes me to a zone of being in a vinous sleep mode of peace and serenity. It gives me a feeling of calmness. It’s almost indiscernible to me to even fathom going to sleep without having read a few pages at the end of the day.

Reading is essential to learn, grow as much as is travel which is yet another amazing way to actually be a part of varied cultures and experiences. Reading thus, is also a wonderful way to initiate personal growth process.

It takes you away from the pasquinade’s that might usually form a part of a rather informal discussions within groups elevated with signs of snobbery and redolent with unfruitful discussions and those which are finally tightened abruptly into a formality when the presence of much respectable individuals grace the occasion or tend to arrive, especially at parties.

Books allow one to strengthen oneself and provide a great comfort especially if you are feeling lonely and down after an exhaustive days work.

Its not necessary to be moved or to rigidly follow a book. In fact, its best if you don’t, but at the same time, its almost impossible to not be influenced by authors whose biographies and autobiographies showcase a journey which you would dream of being a part of or at least have a remote desire to create on your own too.

It develops great habits of patience, understanding, valuing cultures, people, ideologies, vision etc from gifted authors who at time present it more eloquently than the character or plot has been given credit for.

It creates an amazing discipline and it benefits for sure in the long run too.

For some its merely for passing time, for some its sheer pleasure, for few others it’s a desire to be a part of another amazing world altogether. For me, its about keeping myself sane and learning a great deal from the masters who have put down ages of accumulated experiences in those few hundred pages for us to consume in a practical and efficient manner.

So…. do you read? Whose your favourite author and your most loved book and why?

Feel free to share your views, comments with me here.

I know I went a little overboard on the story behind ‘why I read?’ but that’s because there’s only one thing I enjoy more than reading…….its writing.

Have a great learned day ahead.


Ananth V

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