Your Success is our Success using Social media marketing ROI


“Your Success is our Success using Social media marketing ROI”

Recently our company Techdivine Creative Services achieved a 31% ROI on Actual SALES for a client brand partner of ours using social media marketing & our in-house Your SMQ ~ Social media quotient process.


We were more thrilled than the clients as at every stage we strongly believe that “Our Clients SUCCESS is our Success

So on an emotional front, today morning, I visited few Online groups of the institutes where I have been a part of as a student  (IIM Indore & Welingkars) and shared emails or posts with them by stating a “THANK YOU” to the colleges from where I have grasped lots of resourceful learning (Both academic and personal experiences). The academic training and experience at these institutes have helped me at various levels to create an environment in our organization which, coupled with the help of our team members and clients team members add value and success stories for our client brand partners across Industries and countries.

I strongly believe that even though one’s academic background may or may not be directly responsible for actual professional success, but it’s out of a sense of personal gratitude that we as individuals tend to feel the need to share at least a simple THANKS for those who have been part of our learning curve journey, especially when the success is not merely your success, but reaching out as part of a larger team effort.

Looking forward to many more such success stories for all our client brand partners in the near future to come.

Here are some links for the Social media marketing & Your SMQ ~ Social Media Quotient case studies:


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Learning, more than just colouring from kids

Learning more than colouring from kids

park morning jog

During my early morning jog today, I experienced and learned  few amazingly simple and yet vital things.

Things that one can connect with in their day to day lives, either as a matter of events which happen  to you or to those around you. Things that you sometimes even spend teaching or imparting to your peers for hours at times or things that you see everywhere, at home at work etc. “working together and getting things done”

There were these two little kids, the boy was probably two or three and the girl, maybe seven or eight. They were playing in the park on their own. As I looked around them for their guardian or parents, I realized, I needed to look at the kids eyes instead. For every few minutes,  their eyes would follow around the park and land on their mother. The moment they saw her, a smile gleamed from their eyes and they would then go back to their mischievous routine.

Even the beautifully chirping birds seemed to stop once in a while to listen in on both the kids who were laughing and having a ball in the park, literally. As I watched these kids having fun, it was amazing how the eight year old was taking care of the little one and trying to finish her coloring book ‘pick of the day’, who happened to be Mr. Mickey Mouse himself.

Now the remarkable part here was, how both of them were getting things done from each other and at the same time having loads of enjoyment too. Every time the little one would start to jump over or take a piggy-back from his little sister, she would pick up the big red ball and toss it high up in the air. That surely saved few rounds of carrying her brother on her back. Soon the little one grasped what was going on and kicked the ball a few times far off, which made his sister, run behind and stop it. No more than three times had she run behind it, she realized it was easier to let him take the piggy-ride at least once. After which, the little one was soon then on his own for some time rolling on the soft grass laughing and gleaming with fun and joy as his sister got back to her colouring book.

Both the kids were coming up with new ways of persuading the other to do things their way and they were both coming up with really ingenious ideas to divert the other or at least wear out each other to get their job done.

The best part was, both were realizing it and still having heaps of action packed fun. For instance, when the girl was trying to color her cartoon-book with great difficulty as the little one kept trying to pull the papers off the sheets of the book, the girl would pile up the grass and throw it in the air which would leave her brother with enough thrill and excitement for the new found game, to spare her alone for about five to ten minutes. To then get back her attention, he started throwing the grass on her and give him some notice and play with.

The actions, responses, ideas both these children were coming up with, were simply fabulous. Finally she realized the only way she could finish coloring was if she let the roguish and naughty brother to be a part of it. So she started asking him to bring the colours from the crayon box. This was getting exciting as now he was part of ‘The colouring process” and he loved it. Soon they both finished colouring Mr. Mickey Mouse and the little girl gleamed with joy as her eyes twinkled and she yelled out with excitement to her mother as she showed her creative skills.

You could see the look on the little boys face when he soon realized, it was her book and he was not part of this celebration. As he tried to snatch the book from her, the ruckus and the fight that followed could be salvaged only by their mom, who came to the rescue and took them both out of the park back home. When the kids realized they were heading back home, they weren’t too happy either. But, they had no say, now did they. The only thing that looked cute now was the Mickey  mouse colouring page that was hanging from the mothers hand, out of the reach of the two children.

mickey mouse colouring book

I had finished about 15 rounds of the parks circle by then and begun my promenade when I thought about it, it was so simple and something that we all must have seen or even experienced in our routine lives.

  • Firstly, the fact that the kids were watching and keeping track of their mother throughout their playtime, tells us of a simple rule. To make sure things are working fine, never let loose focus of whom you are accountable for or to. It could be a person, an organization or even your own dreams and goals.
  • When there is a team involved, understand that, even though the goals and vision of achieving something might be same, the level of gratification is different for each person.
  • Whenever, we face difficulty in our lives (personal or professional) especially when it is due to a third-party interference which one cannot avoid, the only way out of it is if you have dealt with it by looking at it as an opportunity for mutual growth and creatively coming up with new ideas to deal with it. Involve others to be part of it only to the extent you can and you should and not any more. Let them also partake, learn and grow in the process with something that will make them feel important and also let them grow. Everyone needs attention and a pat in the back once in a while.
  • Once we realize something does not work, there is no point in bickering over it. Rather, acknowledge the lesson and improvise. You keep doing the same things; you will keep ending up with the same results.
  • If you have run out of ideas to get you out of difficulties, the best thing you can do is, make optimum use of the available time or resources you still do have access to, for the time-being to do your task.
  • When you are focused towards your goal, remember, you still can’t accomplish it, if you’re trying to accomplish everything all by yourself when there are external forces at work too which are beyond your control. It’s always more peaceful when there is a team or group involved who actually work ‘as a team’. It makes things more interactive, lively and fun for you and those around you. Respond back as giving feedback is important to the other person, as it is to you. Communicate, connect and take the journey towards the destination together.
  • Every time, you try not to deal with a particular issue, you end up thinking more about it. It’s better to find a solution to it and get it resolved. The only thing that can happen to suppressed issues are that, they will come back in full force when you are not ready to deal with it all. Rather, deploy your best creative skills to figure out the most mutually acceptable  solution to your common issues in working together.
  • The harder you work ‘with your peers and team’ quicker your work gets done and with more enjoyment. But do not over indulge yourself or your peers.
  • Never cease to constantly implement, analyze and improvise. When you pursue with focus, you will definitely get to your goals eventually. Never give up.
  • Finally, whenever you have taken someone’s help or are part of a team, make sure you share the bounties with them too. Or it never lasts for long. Eventually, someone else will be there in your place to pick your bounty and take your things away. Worst, that person might even end up looking like a savior to others. Just like you share your burden, your responsibilities with others, share the success and joy too with your peers. Fact is, either you take accountability for your life or someone else will.

Kids never cease to surprise me. They always have so many lessons to teach us. I guess its because its part of their new experiences and their fresh and non-judgemental way of looking at things. They are always ready to explore, try out new things and go ahead with full zest, energy and force.

Fact of the matter is, as kids, our ‘sense of urgency’ was always higher than when we grow up.

The best rule is to keep in mind, that the learning curve never ends.

Keep learning and stay fit!

Do share your comments with me on this. Would love to hear your views too!


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