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Ups and downs of Life

Archived from one of My Old Posts of 2007: (with minor Edits)

Original Post Year:2007

Ups and downs of Life


I was in the middle of a promenade tonight, weary and tired, trying to look at the sky and wishing to see a shooting star. Wanted to make a wish, desperately!

Ok, alright, my day was not ideal and I was hoping for a tweak or two for tomorrow’s sunrise. I waited and walked. About two hours had passed, after which I realized, now those were two hours I am never going to get back.

I was at the patio of my building and Mumbai’s greenhouse gasses had wrapped up most of the colors of the sky and I could hardly see any twinkle above either.

So it was two hours of vacant murky space that I was staring at moving around in concentric circles. I got really tired of something, perturbed and a wee bit irritated at “yours truly” for further wasting time and hoping to make the night better which evidently did not seem to be happening.

I decided to go back downstairs and go home. Then I said to myself, I am an artist, a writer, an inventive individual, a dreamer, ahem! ‘Frustrations and depressions are part of everyone’s routine; I should not give up so easily.’

I came back and kept walking and by then my Mp4 player had given up its verve. I guess I had burned out more than an hour of its battery already today while travelling while nothing was getting done.

As I stood still, I heard a ruffle in between the trees and it was growing loud.

As I stood staring at that place where there was not a soul in sight and was so quite that I could hear myself breathe. The ruffling sound grew odd and suddenly through those moving leaves there was a strange stillness again in the air as I heard my heart beat. I saw something.

My beat and rhythm of the heart matched the flapping wings of the beautiful dove that just flew right above me. It looked gorgeous. It looked serene. It felt and filled my heart with bliss.

It would sound such a cliche if I said that, as I kept looking at that bird, it disappeared all of a sudden. But I guess I have been fed with too much of scientific proof and theories over the past two decades of my life, so I would rather quote it as, “As I watched the bird that slowly disappeared into the darkness of the space….” But I really and with all honesty felt that it had suddenly disappeared into oblivion as I was still watching it vividly.

Remember, I am also an artist at heart. So I have to speak my mind.

It was such a beautiful sight and I was taking in and savoring the blissful scene when all of a sudden I bent down with a jiff as a huge bat flew so low, it could stomp on my head and make my day dark again. So much for the bird of bliss eh!

But I guess that is what life is all about. The white and the black.The good and the bad. The right and the wrong. The ups and the downs. Hmmmm…… I got it then.

So without wasting further time, I finished the work that I had kept pending since the last few hours and then keyed in these lines and will now go back to reading something before I am off to bed.

Just hoping, that tomorrow when the dove flies again, it would not be followed by the winged messenger of the scary space. 

Now we all know, that’s not possible…… After all, Life has a way of balancing itself, doesn’t it. 

Have a nice day. 


Ananth V

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