Life and its journey towards happiness

Life and it’s journey towards happiness

ananth v life happiness

I recently read this line on a friend’s facebook positive share for the day:

 “Only a mousetrap provides FREE cheese. Happiness is a choice of life. Your very own choice.”

Very true. Everything that is worthwhile has to be always worked sincerely towards, for it, to be worthwhile. There are no free lunches in life.

 In other words, nothing in Life is free unless you buy the big size first.

Even for death to occur,you must have first Lived.

 What is Life?

I am no world leader and clearly no Spiritual guru to preach ‘what life is’ but I know for sure ‘what life is not’.

Life is not merely existing, but living, correcting, while making things right and going ahead rather than merely moving on.

The problem is majority of the times, we tend to replace things that are not working out for us rather than working on it to make it better.

 I remember my grandmother’s quote, she always used to say, “we were born in the world where if something is not right, we fix it rather than replace it with something new”.

 So, is Life the moments that go by each day till we merely exist physically in this world?

No, not really…. for a really worthwhile life, it would have been lived where we are remembered for something more than merely good or great, for something that we contributed to someone’s life where we could ‘touch their soul‘ positively.

So, love life and live it, never waste it on ego and pride. Too much of time is lost in this negative path and journey wherein time wasted such, is Life wasted…why? Because, time is what life is made up of after all. Isn’t it?

We search for happiness but the fact is, we really can never ‘have’ or ‘acquire’ happiness, even with the passage of time. Happiness requires us to put efforts in the journey to make things right. It requires us to learn each day and work towards making ourselves better human beings. It’s very easy to choose and make ‘logical’ rationale about people, life and happiness. The truly difficult part is to then live with it, especially if that part of your decision has influenced in any way the moments of your past that you have cherished for long and have dreamed of it resulting in creating your future.

Humility, passion, compassion and accepting that happiness is a daily effort which results from your very own actions and this truly is the core for journey towards happiness.

When we say, “I am not happy” always remember; it affects those around you and that too profoundly. There are so many people in your lives who have made or make efforts to make it worthwhile for you.

 ananth v life happiness journey

So, when you say to yourself or to others that there is no happiness in you life, its a smack on their faces where you unjustly accuse others who have contributed so much to your daily life, not may be in so many years, but in those precious moments where they sacrificed a ‘part of themselves’ may be at that point of time just to see a ‘smile on your face’.

When each day of your life starts getting built up with broken promises and unplanned harsh ‘logical’ and ‘rationale’ decisions, the very next day, the burden is always most difficult to cope up with. But they require not for you to move on to other things or better things, but rather amend the wrongs and go ahead with your lives and truly that’s when you feel more fulfilled.

 If every time we let our ‘thoughts of today’ and emotions of today rule our lives and the people around us, we are merely dwelling on the corrupt reality which are temporary in nature. So never let a moment’s decision or thought influence your lifetime of choices. Take time to make the decisions, but work towards making it right. Running away and avoiding that decision making process is what adds up to our worries, because every time we leave something halfway, we leave a part of our life emotions and experiences with it too. We loose a bit of ourselves in it. So, it’s best to work towards it to make it right. That’s a great and simple journey towards happiness.

 All of us are privy to secret griefs, either of ours or of others, or at times, both. The point is to embark on the journey with anything but a hostile levity. Understand the impact your decisions have on you and those around you.

Why? Because, life is truly made up of intimate revelations,which have been many times dealt by us with an unaffected scorn on the outside. But when we look deep within, these are really the moments that have probably given us short winded elation’s of sheer joy and happiness.

It’s not essential that for one to enjoy a vinous sleep to be possible only when intoxicated. You can do so without tightening yourself into an abrupt formality too wherein, you make peace with yourself and those around you. Why?

Those around you have made up the bits and pieces together and added up those moments which you call as Life lived. When you tear those pieces away, you are affecting your soul which clutches itself to some false hope with an indiscernible breathless intensity that has been redolent with hope and fear, withered and ravenously beaten with cheerful snobbery of fake joys and temporary allies, when they are left unfulfilled.

Life is too precious to merely give up on things and keep moving on in search of something better.

I strongly believe that ‘nothing in life is better, unless you put efforts and truly intend to make it better. It’s more about accepting who you are, working towards being a better you, for yourself and for those who have contributed so much in your lives. Sometimes we are, for too long a time, stuck with merely a single dream of a probable future in which we forget the wonderful realities that life throws at us, which when worked sincerely towards will for sure take us to help and build those dreams as part of our lives.

In other words, not everything for everyone ‘works out’ fine at the end of the day….but if it’s been a significant part of your life at any point of time at all, make sure you give it it’s due credit. Life is….. after all…connecting the dots of finding yourself in that journey. In that journey of happiness. It’s never too late….unless…you have given up!

So make peace, make things better, make it worthwhile…..and you will make your life filled with happiness. Have a blessed weekend ahead.

Would love to hear your views and take on the same too. Do share your thoughts and comments with me here.


Ananth V

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Life artwork drawn by me

I woke up yesterday night at around 2am. It was strange because I had slept at 1:30am. I looked inside my study shelf, pulled out a canvas sheet from way underneath the pile of magazine covers & coffee table books and started sketching.
It was 9am in the morning today when I realized I had flooded it with colours.
Here is what I ended up painting in those 7 hours….
ananthv life artwork
Theme: LIFE & Music
  • Details of Artwork: Poster Colours On CANVAS
  • Size: 2 Feet X 2.5 feet (approximately)
Description of the Art work:
  • The BLUE section of the artwork has the words LIFE written, below which there are images / symbols drawn of Peace & Love and just below them are the curves of life’s circle depicted with colours.
  • Then there is a text “DARWIN” written in ascending font size format symbolizing both, the evolution that was Darwin’s theory and the Evolution of Life and the words NEWTON, wherein the O is dropped below symbolizing both, Newton’s gravity theory and the Ups and Downs of Life.
  • In the Green section, is the word “IS” as in continuation from the word above of Life….  and there is a big violin drawn right next to it below which is the path / roadway depicting the various moods and paths of life.
  •  In the Pink/Red section – The Piano keys and the words BEAUTIFUL (written in Morse code language) showcasing that  Life is a puzzle a musical note, to be solved and not everything in Life is in ‘black and white’.
  •  In the final, Yellow section – There is a trumpet signifying Jazz music (one of my favourites) with a Golden lady dancing around it. This section depicts Luxury, passion, chaos all at once, hence the use of colors like purple, yellow, gold, orange across ….
Do share your views or comments with me here, would love to hear from you.
Ananth V

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CHRISTMAS Special offer Kindle Ebook Fiction for Teens

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“Through this book, [the author] has definitely touched a new level of creative writing by creating worlds that would engage young minds with wonderful imaginations, worlds that are filled with amazing creatures and varied experiences. Also, this books story shares across a strong and positive message to it’s readers about hope, inner strength and the ability to believe in self.”

While that’s not a sample of the book itself, it certainly captures the feel of the book. A little awkward, a little over the top, but sincere and energetic and honestly reader friendly. The whole enterprise feels like a slightly skewed and more fun rewrite of “The Jungle Book”, with some nicely written passages, some off-kilter passages, a bit of fancy, a touch of sweetness, and maybe more well-intentioned personality than actual restrained writerly skill. In places it reads more like a prose poem than a carefully constructed literary piece.

But you know, sometimes there’s room for something than runs more on charm and sincerity than on dry technique, and this book is less Disney and more Krazy Kat. So, if you’re looking for something a little out of the mainstream but just brimming with good intentions, this might be worth a try.

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Life Quote

“After the GAME, the KING and the PAWN… both go into the same BOX.
Your worth is defined by HOW YOU Choose to PLAY it and not by who you are!”


Have a nice day.


Ananth V

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Kings are made not just born ebook now available on Amazon Kindle store

Kings are made not just born ebook now available on Amazon Kindle store

Good news for all book lovers. Here is a new English fiction Young Teens / Young Adults ebook published & now Live on the Amazon Kindle Book Store.

The book is named “Kings are made,not just born” and you can buy it in an ebook format from here.


This a brief synopsis about the book:

The whole story revolves around the beautiful lush habitat of Anamon jungle. The story begins with the birth of the prince Leonidas to the rulers of Anamon jungle, Leo and Leonne. Then the other characters like Lein the daughter of the king and his friends of the jungle are introduced. The prince enjoys the amazing beauty that Anamon has to offer but is shown to be a very curious lion with lots of queries about the place, about the animals and most importantly about the King, his dad.
As he grows up, there are many small incidents that keep happening along the way which changes the whole course of the story. There are games of adventure and power played while there are battles and small fights. There are big realizations and there are groups formed within groups as new and new characters keep entering in.
The prince makes new friends and with new and exciting fun exploration games, he builds great trust with his inner circle. They have fun, they mock each other, just like any other friends and their bond strengthens with time. The prince starts exploring across the vastness of the Anamon jungle. He comes across the Mysterious Murelies and Areli, the first King of Anamon. He sees and learns about a place of mythical and magical existence as he watches worlds within worlds forming and shattering to only create newer jungles within. He then finds a strong soul deep within his soul and with that, a heart ready to fight for what he believes in.
As the prince keeps exploring, he also looks for those who are keeping Anamon away from what it could have been. He finds traitors and forces that become difficult to reckon with. He faces anger, betrayal, fights and disasters with which he gains lots of inspiration, experience and learns to deal with things in a more just and wise manner. In this journey, he becomes a King.
He meets newer acquaintances as he discovers the exotic beauty of a totally new side of his own Anamon jungle filled with so much of life that takes him away from his miseries for that moment. As this newer side comes into picture, he discovers disturbing facts about his own family and his past that shakes him down to every bit of his strength.
Soon, he finds himself torn between those whom he trusts and his duty when he finds out about the ruthless actions and massive destruction caused in Anamon which are beyond his belief. There seems to be a new King, or is it? As the suspense builds in heavily, the strength too seems to be slowly building up within, as the words of the Mysterious Murelies seemed to have made profound impact on the prince by now.
There are many chronicles that unfold within these experiences as the prince tries to battle all odds and goes ahead with his quest for the truth. As the search for the TRUTH continues, he begins to find out the real treacherous creatures that come into light.
Leonidas in this process realizes that his purpose in life is unique and most importantly, he does not ‘just need to rule’. But he needs to lead a life of greater significance and of a higher decree, that is to say, a ruling by which the new Anamon could flourish.
As newer mysteries keep unraveling, more beautiful and breathtaking places of Anamon become part of this amazing journey. The story evolves from just simple questions to mighty discoveries. It forms and grows at many levels while the bottom line remains that even a King needs to prove his own worth, not to the jungle, but to himself. The whole story makes a distinct statement that the learning curve never ends in the journey called Life.

Screenshot from Kindle App:

Kings are made not just born ebook cover page

While this book is aimed at teenagers and young adults, the various sub plots complete with suspense, humor, fun, action and moral values will strike a chord with all ages.

You can read this book on your Kindle ebook reader or any Tablet, smartphone or computer equipped with the Kindle app.

Do download the copy & let us know your views on it too.

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