Your Success is our Success using Social media marketing ROI


“Your Success is our Success using Social media marketing ROI”

Recently our company Techdivine Creative Services achieved a 31% ROI on Actual SALES for a client brand partner of ours using social media marketing & our in-house Your SMQ ~ Social media quotient process.


We were more thrilled than the clients as at every stage we strongly believe that “Our Clients SUCCESS is our Success

So on an emotional front, today morning, I visited few Online groups of the institutes where I have been a part of as a student  (IIM Indore & Welingkars) and shared emails or posts with them by stating a “THANK YOU” to the colleges from where I have grasped lots of resourceful learning (Both academic and personal experiences). The academic training and experience at these institutes have helped me at various levels to create an environment in our organization which, coupled with the help of our team members and clients team members add value and success stories for our client brand partners across Industries and countries.

I strongly believe that even though one’s academic background may or may not be directly responsible for actual professional success, but it’s out of a sense of personal gratitude that we as individuals tend to feel the need to share at least a simple THANKS for those who have been part of our learning curve journey, especially when the success is not merely your success, but reaching out as part of a larger team effort.

Looking forward to many more such success stories for all our client brand partners in the near future to come.

Here are some links for the Social media marketing & Your SMQ ~ Social Media Quotient case studies:


Thanks and have a nice day.


Ananth V

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