Kings are made not just born ebook now available on Amazon Kindle store

Kings are made not just born ebook now available on Amazon Kindle store

Good news for all book lovers. Here is a new English fiction Young Teens / Young Adults ebook published & now Live on the Amazon Kindle Book Store.

The book is named “Kings are made,not just born” and you can buy it in an ebook format from here.


This a brief synopsis about the book:

The whole story revolves around the beautiful lush habitat of Anamon jungle. The story begins with the birth of the prince Leonidas to the rulers of Anamon jungle, Leo and Leonne. Then the other characters like Lein the daughter of the king and his friends of the jungle are introduced. The prince enjoys the amazing beauty that Anamon has to offer but is shown to be a very curious lion with lots of queries about the place, about the animals and most importantly about the King, his dad.
As he grows up, there are many small incidents that keep happening along the way which changes the whole course of the story. There are games of adventure and power played while there are battles and small fights. There are big realizations and there are groups formed within groups as new and new characters keep entering in.
The prince makes new friends and with new and exciting fun exploration games, he builds great trust with his inner circle. They have fun, they mock each other, just like any other friends and their bond strengthens with time. The prince starts exploring across the vastness of the Anamon jungle. He comes across the Mysterious Murelies and Areli, the first King of Anamon. He sees and learns about a place of mythical and magical existence as he watches worlds within worlds forming and shattering to only create newer jungles within. He then finds a strong soul deep within his soul and with that, a heart ready to fight for what he believes in.
As the prince keeps exploring, he also looks for those who are keeping Anamon away from what it could have been. He finds traitors and forces that become difficult to reckon with. He faces anger, betrayal, fights and disasters with which he gains lots of inspiration, experience and learns to deal with things in a more just and wise manner. In this journey, he becomes a King.
He meets newer acquaintances as he discovers the exotic beauty of a totally new side of his own Anamon jungle filled with so much of life that takes him away from his miseries for that moment. As this newer side comes into picture, he discovers disturbing facts about his own family and his past that shakes him down to every bit of his strength.
Soon, he finds himself torn between those whom he trusts and his duty when he finds out about the ruthless actions and massive destruction caused in Anamon which are beyond his belief. There seems to be a new King, or is it? As the suspense builds in heavily, the strength too seems to be slowly building up within, as the words of the Mysterious Murelies seemed to have made profound impact on the prince by now.
There are many chronicles that unfold within these experiences as the prince tries to battle all odds and goes ahead with his quest for the truth. As the search for the TRUTH continues, he begins to find out the real treacherous creatures that come into light.
Leonidas in this process realizes that his purpose in life is unique and most importantly, he does not ‘just need to rule’. But he needs to lead a life of greater significance and of a higher decree, that is to say, a ruling by which the new Anamon could flourish.
As newer mysteries keep unraveling, more beautiful and breathtaking places of Anamon become part of this amazing journey. The story evolves from just simple questions to mighty discoveries. It forms and grows at many levels while the bottom line remains that even a King needs to prove his own worth, not to the jungle, but to himself. The whole story makes a distinct statement that the learning curve never ends in the journey called Life.

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While this book is aimed at teenagers and young adults, the various sub plots complete with suspense, humor, fun, action and moral values will strike a chord with all ages.

You can read this book on your Kindle ebook reader or any Tablet, smartphone or computer equipped with the Kindle app.

Do download the copy & let us know your views on it too.

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